Alessandro Gatti & Giuseppe De Bellis of “Artist Creations” from Rome (Italy) are two young set decoration and costume designers, brains and muscles of the consolidated team specialized in Italian OOAK dolls, now one of their unmistakable trademark.
The guys of "Artist Creations" utilize their background as set decoration and costume designers for theatre, cinema and television. After graduating from the School of Arts, and Fashion and Costume School, they specialized in various professional courses concerning their field. This magnificent hobby conciliates nicely with their profession in the word of show business, in the movie town of Federico Fellini, Rome, the celebrated location of many great American movies from Ben Hur to Cleopatra. Both their hobby and profession are made up of important contacts and renowned collaborations that inspire and characterize their style.

Ale & Giu talk to us about themselves:

“What has given air to our creativity, which characterizes our work, is the expression of our inner souls and our passion for life.
We started creating dolls in 1996, and in 1999 we have participated to the first Italian Convention in Florence. In this precious place, we showed for the first time, our creations to the Italian collector audience.
We take our inspiration from theatrical and movie costumes and from the world of fashion, that we re-interpret scaled down to fashion doll size. Every creation reflects a complete project for our doll, who is the actress, and it is our job to brings together all of the details, and make her perfect for the role she is trying to recreate. Our models range from fantasy to glamorous, from romantic to couture, and celebrity, our strong point for quite some time. Each one is particular and exclusive. Each creation worn by these exceptional models is completely hand-crafted and studied in every minute detail, just like a true high-fashion costume.
Every creation is a unique piece (OOAK) and is born only after being meticulously planned and elaborated through several project designs. The choice of fabrics and the creation of jewellery and accessories are all realized with quality and prestige in mind, not to talk about the hairstyles, which are hand created, elaborate and always in perfect harmony with the image. Nothing is over-looked, not even the most hidden details: all of our dolls, in fact, wear sophisticate lingerie, perfectly reconstructed in every detail. These details are our personal touch in every work.
We are Barbie dolls collectors and we started collecting in 1994, before beginning to create dolls. The favourite doll in our collection is Barbie, both modern and vintage, because we are her big fans and we use her like an ideal base, for most of our creations.
She is a wonderful model to us, with her perfect scaled size, like a real human Beauty Queen. Every day this passion gives us much joy and satisfaction, not only in Italy ( Rome, Florence, Milan, Bologna, Rimini) but also in the rest of Europe (Paris ,Brussels) and in the USA (Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Dallas, Kansas City, Washington DC, Cleveland, Ft. Lauderdale ) because our creations have been officially recognized at these international convention, and publicized in the ambient on specialized magazines.
Besides, we are so proud of our long list of awards won at the most important artist competitions around the world, prizes that give us a strong impulse to go on with this wonderful hobby:
Barbie Bazaar Crystal Award 2004.
F.D.M, Contest, by Jim Faraone Reader’s Choice Award 2003.
Paris Fashion Dolls Festival 2006 1st prize, and much more.

And about our Live Auction Dolls donated for charity:

“Carnival in Venice donated” for the Boston Barbie Convention (Sold for $ 2.400).
“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” for the Los Angeles Barbie Convention (Sold for $ 2.400).
“Breathless Diamond” for the Dallas Barbie Convention (Sold for $ 2.700).
“Bellissima” for the Kansas City Barbie Convention (Sold for $ 5.500).
“ Balck & White” for the Washington DC Barbie Convention (Sold for $ 3.000)
“ Sophia” for the Cleveland Barbie Convention (Sold for $ 9.500).
“ Green Delicious” for the Ft Lauderdale Barbie convention (Sold for $ 6.500)

One of the strong points of our career like OOAK dolls designers are the “Celebrity portarit dolls” expecially the Madonna dolls.
“The guys of Madonna dolls”!! is the new way used on the web, mailing lists, groups and fans community all around the world, to describe us the “Artist Creations” OOAK dolls team from Italy, now creators of unique ooak dolls dedicated to Madonna, the Queen of pop.

A lot are the international and italian movie and music stars to have dedicate portarit doll by Alessandro & Giuseppe like Madonna, Julia Roberts, Sophia Loren and much more.

One of our last great “goal” will be a collaboration with Mattel America for the world presentation of the new line of Barbie doll “Basic Top Model” showed on Mattel official website and at the 2010 Toy Fair in N.Y.
We’ve create four shooting thinking about our “must” by Artist Creation the italian O.O.A.K. dolls history desingers.
Each single mood rappresent the style of our “trade mark”, during 15 years of our creations and graet success all over the world.
Every single shooting of each look style cantanis the most important elements that give the character of our cretions making the unmistakable and recognizable in front of the international collectors community: “Artist Creations” by Alessandro Gatti & Giuseppe De Bellis.




Claudio Mengoli


This is an italian website specialized in OOAK Dolls. We are not in any way affiliated with Madonna or her merchandise items , Mattel or other fashion dolls producers. Every Doll reflect the original creativity of the costume designers Alessandro Gatti & Giuseppe De Bellis.